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Bidasar is a city and a municipality in Churu district in the state of Rajasthan,The marble produced there is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Bidasar Brown Marble, popularly called Rain Forest Brown marble is very strong compared to others in the industry and usually takes good polish on the stone. Bidasar Brown Marble has light to medium brown hues of color with tree branch looking veins of dark brown and accents of white. Rainforest Brown Marble is known for extravagant appearance & exclusive texture Used for a wide variety of articles, it has also been used to construct most of the many temples of the town.

Bhandari Marble Group one of the leading All Type Indian White Marble & Italian Natural Stone & having strong foot hold over all Indian Natural Stone Suppliers, Granite, Granite Plates, Marble, Slate, Wholesaler, distributor, Merchant manufacturer, exporter, supplier company in Kishangarh, Rajasthan India. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP supplying marble, Granite and Natural Stones to Builders, Architects, Interior designers, Hoteliers, Colonisers, Town planners, contractor, or White Marble, Granite and Natural Stones import company, White Exporter company.

Rain Forest Marble from India is a stylish marble with deep variations of grays and creams with dark-brown and dark-red veining. This collection creates a beautiful aesthetic in kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior design projects. Rain Forest is recommended for interior use, including flooring, countertops, and backsplash projects.

Bidasar is a natural stone marble found in Rajasthan, India. Also called rainforest green marble. Bidasar marble is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Parth is export of Bidasar marble

Rainforest Marble is today one of the most popular and highly demanded marble all across the world. Hence, as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of this product, we offer rainforest marble in different types such as Rainforest Green Marble and Rainforest Golden Marble, which is also known as the Bidasar Brown Marble. This beautiful marble stone from India is obtained from quarry in the village of Bidasar, Churu District in Rajasthan. Widely used as kitchen counter tops, in bathrooms and at terraces, the Rainforest Gold Marble is relatively inexpensive. During the fabrication and installation, special care is to be taken as Rainforest Golden Marble is harder to fabricate/install in comparison to the other stones.

Bidasar is a natural stone marble found in Rajasthan, India. Also called rainforest green marble. Bidasar marble is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Parth is export of Bidasar marble. We manufacturer and supply bidasar green marble in form of slabs, tiles and cut-to-size products.

Manufacturing, supplying, exporting, Indian Green Marble, Indian White Marble, Indian Black Marble, Indian Pink Marble, Indian Beige Marble, Lady Onyx Pink Marble, Indian Sawar Brown Marble. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP are producing and exporting and importing Italian Marble, Imported Marble, Indian Marble, Natural stone, Granite, big gang saw size slabs, calibrated and polished, leather finish etc.

We are from Asia’s biggest Marble market. it is kishangarh. here approx 9200 marble & Granite  seller, manufacturer and supplier are at one place. Approx daily 350-450 truck are selling from here to all India. Kishangarh there are 620 Gangsaw estabilished mfg.

Marble and Granite • We are one of the most Reputed and Well Known Marble Dealer and Granite Dealer from India, Delivering flawless products suited to the needs of our esteemed clientele. Our elegant and refined collection of Marble and Granite is available in various finishes and provides a tinge of luxury to your home, offices, restaurants and other places. We are the top Marble Dealer in Bangalore, Kishangarh, Makrana, Jaipur, and Delhi. This is because our unbeatable quality, along with biggest experienced team of workers supervisors and engineers We Deliver this Eye-caching Marbles and Granites to All • • • over the World.

Rainforest Golden Marble

Riding on industrial experience of a decade, we are acknowledged as a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a durable range of Rainforest Golden Marble. Broadly used for flooring and wall cladding in residential and commercial buildings, these marbles are also capable of enhancing the decor of the interiors. Smooth finish, stylish look and sturdiness are some of the attributes for which our Rainforest Golden Marble is appreciated by clients. Furthermore, we also offer these marbles at affordable prices.

Cafe Brown Marble

We are one of the major manufacturers and exporters of quality range of Cafe Brown Granite. Finely polished and designed under the guidance of skilled professionals, these granites are widely used in various commercial and residential building for flooring purpose. Owing to attributes like unique design, fine finish and attractive patterns, our Cafe Brown Granite is loved and cherished by our valuable clients. Furthermore, our granites are very alluring in design, thus, can enhance the look of any interior in aesthetic manner.

Rainforest Green Marble

In a decade time, we have emerged as a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a qualitative collection of Rainforest Green Marble. Owing to attributes like smooth polish, lustrous surface and fine textures, these marbles are used in the areas of construction and sculpturing. Further, our Rainforest Green Marble provides a distinguish look to the interior and exterior of the buildings & enhances the decor of any building. Be it in domestic market or overseas, these marbles are appreciated and acknowledged by our clients.

Product Description

Rain Forest marble is an exquisite marble from India with deep variations of grays and creams with dark brown and dark reds veining. Rain Forest is recommended for interior uses for flooring, countertops, and backsplash projects.

Marble stone is formed from limestone, superheated to form its unique crystalline structure. Our marble countertop selection is unmatched with over 50 marble color options and patterns to choose from. Marble countertop surfaces are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance. If you are looking for a surface to sustain through the ages, this natural stone countertop material is perfect for you. Its naturally cool temperature is pleasing for cooking as well as keeping any workspaces temperature controlled.

From ancient history, mankind has had an ongoing love affair with all things marble. Why not have marble in your kitchen in the form of marble countertops?

Marble carries with it the weight of its legacy, but now owning a marble countertop is not limited to the wealthy. That is because not all marble countertops need to be quarried slab marble; there are cultured marble countertops that are more within the affordable range for the rest of us.

And if seamless slab or cultured marble are unaffordable, homeowners can always find a ready solution by using marble tiles instead. Owning a marble countertop is now within the reach of the middle-class.

Where Do Marble Countertops Get Their “Look”?

One of the best qualities of marble countertops is the variety of color and veining. Laminate and solid surface countertops (i.e., Formica or Corian brands, respectively) all attempt to reproduce the beauty of marble, yet with mixed results.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it changes from its original, sedimentary form (in this case, limestone or dolomite rock) to marble under severe pressure and heat. That highly distinctive aspect of marble–the veining–is the result of impurities in the original limestone. Under extreme pressure and heat, the original materials completely re-crystallize. The purest marble is white, type that Renaissance artists carved into statues.

Cultured Marble Countertops

If you want the marble look but not the marble price, a viable and cost-effective avenue is the cultured marble countertop.Cultured marble counters are made of crushed marble and a manufactured thermoplastic resin, and poured into pre-cast molds to suit your project. Unlike natural marble, the resins in cultured marble lend non-porosity to the material.

Advantages of Marble Countertops

There are plenty of reasons why man- and womankind over the centuries have valued marble as a practical surface, not just for marble countertops, but for other uses:

Fancy Details – Marble countertops can be fabricated to have fancy ogee edges (as well as other profile styles), due to the softness and overall workability of marble.

Cutting – If you’ve worked with marble tiles, for instance, they cut easier than granite, which is prone to chip more easily. Marble cuts like a dream. This allows for fancier design capabilities without the fear of damage, relative to other types of stone.

Decent Durability – Even with marble’s inherent “softness,” it is still hard enough to withstand high traffic.

Resists Heat – It’s an ideal work surface. It is also heat resistance, lending itself well to kitchen use.

Disadvantages of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have many disadvantages, too. It is not just the cost of marble countertops that stalls many homeowners’ dreams, but some practical issues such as:

Scratches – Scratches tend to be more of an issue with polished marble. As a natural mineral, there are varieties of marble with varying degrees of hardness, but scratches are a pretty common concern, particularly in kitchen applications.

Staining – Due to its softness or porosity, its also more of a pain to service as staining can be an issue. Certain foods, especially on the acidic side, can result in permanent stains. Sealing the marble countertop and keeping up with sealing on a regular (usually annual, though more frequent if you are an avid cook) helps mitigate staining.

Repairs – Repairs on marble countertops are not simple, unless the countertop is marble tile. In the case of marble tiles, you simply replace the damaged tile. Replacing a marble tile individually–without affecting surrounding tiles–is a painstaking task that you may want to leave in the hands of professional tile installers. The good news is that the cost of replacing one or two tiles is minimal.

That means that stains on cultured marble countertops are of less of a concern than natural marble counters. Cultured marble countertops have a gloss or flat finish, and can come with integral sinks or allow for a drop-in sink.



Available with us at best market price, these marble stones and Granite are widely appreciated for their beautiful designs fine Cristal, excellent polish, 360 degree finish eye catching colours. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP marble is processed in accordance to the latest market trends by using hi-tech cutting and polishing tools.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Further, for complete customer satisfaction, BHANDARI provide these MARBLE stones all over World . BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP offered by us find application BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP/eBook/ in decorating interiors for various residential as well as commercial
Marbleinkishangarh/showroom/ online available. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP aim to expand our business of marble stone and granite around the world, and become one of the reputed name in the marble stone business.
MARBLE and stones are Rainbow color of nature. Strips of Black, White, and many colours looks extremely beautiful on floor as well as wall cladding and decoration. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP are supplying white and Black marble and many more colour marble granite and natural stones, manufacture slabs and tiles and marble Handicraft.
Marble Slabs are available in any thickness any size length and width as per requirement we can customize MARBLE GRANITE AND Natural Stones.
headquartered at Kishangarh in the State of Rajasthan, India, is a large scale set up engaged in Business of natural stone, processing and selling. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is having world class manufacturing facilities. Since last forty six years the company also exporting varieties of Marble Blocks to all over and after processing the same at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP processing house selling in the World marble stone and Granite market. That’s why BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP FAMOUS For The pioneer company of marble granite and Natural stone.
Bhandari Marble Company
The pioneer company of marble granite and Natural stone.
Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India.


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