most pretty Italian Marble Flooring, Elevation and Decoration for your home villa and projects!

Most Experience and famous MARBLE STONE AND GRANITE Designer

Home decoration by MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONES involves proper knowledge of Marble and Stones. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP have most Experience of  many types of STONES which need to be considered before starting the  home decoration. Some of them are invented by us so calls the inventor group of Marble Granite and Natural stones. In case you use Bhandari Marble Stone and Granite mins you receive knowledge about house designing free with team BHANDARI. Everyone can always start with giving a marble touch to the home villa and projects.

http://www.bhandarimarblegroup.Com/ebook/examples of best marbles for home villa and projects.
Indian marbles– BHANDARI marbles are in high demand in the domestic and foreign market. Bhandari Indian marble SUPPLYING AROUND THE World. their customers with some of the finest  marble stone to decorate their home villa and projects. These stones are extracted from the mines all over  India and perfectly supply to all over World. The best thing about BHANDARI Indian marbles is their pretty  and lifelong.

You get lots of options to choose at very affordable price.

Types of Indian Marble 

White Marble 

Makrana white marble 

Milky White Marble 

Banswara white marble

Wonder white marble

Agariya white marble

Ambaji white marble 

Morwad white marble

RK  marble white

Classic marble white

Stonex marble White

Coloured marble

Beige Katni marble 

Green marble

Black marble 

Pink marble

Banswara purple marble

Brown fantasy Marble 

Rainbow Marble 

Rainforest brown marble 

Rainforest green Marble 

Rainforest yellow marble 

Jaisalmer yellow Marble 

Indian Statuario Marble 

Brown Albeta marble

Black Albeta marble 

Dungri marble

Makrana marble

Kishangarh Marble 

Udaipur Marble 

Andhi marble 

Indo-Iranian Marble 

Aspur pink marble

Paloda Marble 

Sawar Marble 

Toranto Marble 

Price of Indian Marble 

15 RS to 200 RS per sq feet

 Italian marble

Shine and Size makes Italian Marble extraordinary floor elevation and Decoration stone.

We BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP 2nd largest supplier of Italian Marble.

Types of Italian Marble 

Statuario marble 

Kolkata marble

Venetino marble 

Bottichino Classico marble

Dmartino Marble 

Dyna Marble 

Carrara marble

Bresia Arora Marble 

Blue Breccia Arora Marble 

Buttachino firoto Marble 

Statuario tho Marble 

White Carrara marble 

Price of Italian Marble 

Start from 200 RS to 7000 RS per sq feet

 Australian white marble, 

Viatnam white marble

Swiss White Marble 

Flawless white marble 

Thassos white marble

Viatnam albeta marble 

 Purtgal pink marble etc. are best option for your home villa and projects!

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