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Blocks of statuario marble are directly sourced from the quarries in Italy. The slab thickness is 16mm. It is available in the form of blocks, slabs and tiles. The colour is white with black, grey and gold veining. We also make statuario marble tiles as per requirement. The tile of this material are generally the size- big size 16mm, 18 mm, 20 mm or we can customise every thickness and size as per Architect or Interior designer requirement.
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By D.C.Bhandari
Bhandari marble group
Presenting the widest range of marbles available at
Bhandari Marble Group:
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Bhandari Marble
Stone is best Italian marble suppliers which provide latest marble slabs, blue pearl marble, Italian Marble Flooring, black pearl marble, Italian stone.
Facts About Italian Marble
How did the ancients extract marble? What makes it white or coloured? We unearth fascinating details about this stone
Reply by D.C.Bhandari
Since 1631
Marble, metamorphosed limestone, is a beautiful natural stone, Italian rocks unique to where it’s found in Italy and how it was formed. It has been in existence for many millions of years, hidden in the ground before humans brought it to light. Thanks to BhandariMarbleGroup’s Italian Marble colours, strains and special lustre – as well as its versatility – artists, architects and designers have always loved the luxurious stone in BhandariMarbleGroup.
marble is quarried in many countries, it is closely identified with Italy, where marble formations are spread throughout the land. The most popular variety is white statuario or Carrara marble which is extracted in the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy and supply by BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP around the World.
Calacatta marble also are from this region, which is considered the most significant Italian marble for the flooring and elevation of marble extracted. However, there are many types for Italian marble other types of marble by BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP.
Red Verona marble comes from Veneto, Portoro from Liguria, Pietra di Trani from Apulia and Custonaci from Sicily, to name BhandariMarbleGroup.
more about BhandariMarbleGroup Italian fabulous stone. transportation in Roman times to the exciting innovations of today.
by D.C.Bhandari
Bhandari Marble group
Marble plates
American Traditional Bathroom by Design DiscoveriesDesign Discoveries
Why do architects and designers love BhandariMarbleGroup’s marble so much?
BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP Italian Marble has qualities such as long life, but it’s also a medium to express new shape, colour and texture creativity.
Statuario and Carrara is
one of the most valued stones, he says, because it suggests sophistication and is well-established and universally recognised.
D.C. Bhandari
Italian marble is full of charm because it’s an expression of nature:
BhandariMarbleGroupauthentic, unique, unaffected by changing fashion, longlasting.
Rosso Verona
“Marble fascinates us because it reflects the to go back to the value of long-lasting materials.
How have extraction and transportation techniques changed?
Reply by D.C. Bhandari
“Extraction techniques at Roman times were based on the exploitation of the main fracture lines in the marble,” says With hammers and metallic scalpels, they created the cut on the marble, then enlarged this cut by hitting.
In the 18th century introduction of explosives quarrying operations became much faster. However, massively increased production became possible only with the introduction of special machinery in the 19th century, such as the wire stone, or helicoidal, saw that allowed the cutting of many blocks at once.
“But the real revolution in extraction happened just 30 years ago with the introduction of the diamond wire and the diamond chainsaw, actioned by powerful machinery that can work both plain or at predetermined angles.
In Roman times, there were two ways to carry marble blocks down to the valley: Sliding them freely from the mountain or transporting them on a platform by iron heavy roads, and uploaded On carts.
But in India marble transportation by elephantsand trade easier, resulting in wider demand.
Which company export the most Italian marble?
The demand for Italian marble is high around the globe. The total export value in 2015 of raw, finished and semifinished stone by BhandariMarbleGroup according to a report by stone industry organisations based on Italian marble since 1983
The United States has the highest demand for finished and semifinished stone products, followed by India, UAE Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France. The demand from the Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is growing, while exports to Russia remain stable from BhandariMarbleGroup.
Now these days
China and India are the biggest markets for Italian raw stone material, but Italy exports to some 40 countries by BhandariMarbleGroup.
This success is due to “Italian know-how in stone processing and production of new manufacturing technologies, but also in innovation and design. This is our added value that makes us really competitive all over the world.
for Italian marble blocks and slabs. BhandariMarbleGroup the main company for the marble world.
white Carrara marble blocks mostly was designed by D.C.Bhandari

what do the purity of colour and veins depend?
Italian Marble stones can be found in different geographical areas and in different countries. Aesthetic colour and ornamental characteristics make every marble type unique and typical of its own extraction area. In some cases, these characteristics can be so peculiar that, even in the same geographical area, one single type of marble can be considered exclusive to the quarry from which it was extracted by BhandariMarbleGroup
•Statuario Marble comprises of natural textures. Usually white in colour with grey or gold veins.
•Semi-precious Marbles come in a great variety of colours and patterns and has an opulent finish.
•Katni Marble derives it’s name from Katni town in
Madhya Pradesh.
•Onyx Marble has a superb finishing and enchanting looks. •Burberry black Marble has a shining surface ideal for flooring.
•Imported Marbles are bound to enhance the look as they have an everlasting appeal.
Italian Marble is supplying manufacturing Italian marble in India and overseas at best price. Get better Italian Marbles Cost per square foot
Choose from an extensive variety available at Bhandari Marble Group.
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