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The iconic Makrana marble was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal. At BHANDARI MARBLES, we are proud to say that it was our forefathers who had supplied the Makrana marble decades back for the construction of this wonder of the world. Makrana marble is a type of white marble of high quality, popular for use in sculpture and building decor. It is mined in the town of Makrana in Rajasthan, India, and was used in the construction of several iconic monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.
Makrana is regarded as the oldest place in India with a marble quarry. Upon mining, Makrana marble is not subjected to any form of treatment, but used in cutting and chiseling straight away. Makrana marble is one of the two calcitic marble varieties in India, with all others being dolomitic. It has two varieties: white and albeta. The quantity of marble reserves in the region is estimated to be 55 million tonnes by the state government. About 120 thousand tonnes of the marble are produced annually from over 400 mines in the region.
Makrana marble has high percentage of calcium and is therefore resistant to water seepage. The water absorption of Makrana marble is said to be the lowest among all types in India, and the marble is claimed to contain 98 percent of calcium carbonate and only two percent of impurities. The different shades of Makrana marble are pure white, white with grey shades and white with pink shades, depending on the level of impurities. The close interlocking property of the marble makes it strong, hard and translucent. It is said to retain its shine and white color for a long period of time.
Types of Makrana Marble:
Makrana Marbles splits into various categories according to its design and pattern. The following are the exclusive marbles which are mined and manufactured at Makrana.
Makrana White Marble- Makrana marble is highly used in residential & commercial buildings and numerous temples, mosques, churches, and monuments; it can be used for decorative purpose in houses, hotels, corporate offices and Restaurants, western and Indian sculptures, handicrafts.
Brown Albeta Marble- This marble stone is a calcite stone. It is a milky white marble and also available in grey and panther brown pattern. The stone is available in various forms such as natural blocks, large & small slabs, and regular tiles.
Dungri Marble- Dungri Marble is one of the oldest and fine quality marble of makrana based mines. This stone is widely used in flooring, and wall cladding due to its some special quality like no chemical reinforcement, no color changes, and no pin holes.
Albeta Marble- Albeta Marble is one of the best as well as highly recommended stone for floor designs which gives luxury look to the home. The color of albeta makrana marble is milky white with brown texture.
1. Which marble flooring patterns are available in Makrana Marble?
Ans: Various marble flooring patterns can be used as Makrana marble is a versatile stone.
2. How does Makrana Marble look and what are negative points of Marble?
Ans: Dungri Marble basically looks milky white with different figurative design and patterns in grey and panther brown shades. Better quality Dungri marble is whiter as compared to the lower range of Dungri marble.
3. What is the prize range of Makrana Marble?
Ans: Mail us at or to receive complete details regarding price list. Cost depends on quality and sizes.
4. What is the life of Makrana Marble?
Ans: Makrana marble is a good quality product. Once used, it wouldn’t require repolishing till next seven generation.
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