We at *BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP* understand the importance of your dream projects, which is exactly why we present you with the best quality marble, granite and natural stone to beautify your spaces. World class designs, intricate finish creating the epitome of perfection.
We have something for everyone. From the classic whites to the bold hues, get ready to explore variety and experience unparalleled quality.
*TODAY’S FEATURE is all about style and magnificence.*
*Carrara White:* The main appeal of Carrara marble is its look. It is known for its white to light grey coloring with grey veining. The way the light hits the calcite crystals makes the stone look almost translucent and lifelike. From a design perspective, Carrara marble has been a popular choice in places such as Italy for millennia. It’s great for things like chocolate making and pastry baking, as the stone stays cool as you work with it. It also creates a beautiful counter for any kitchen or bathroom application.
*Statuario:* The much valued Statuario marble which is characterised by its white colour shot with grey or gold veins is known to add a touch of luxury even to the most basic of places.
*Katni:* Katni Marble comes in various shades of light green, beige, light pink or a combination of these. This unique colour makes Katni Marble very similar to Italian Marble. In fact in some parts of India, it’s commercially called “Indo – Italian” Marble! It sure brings the necessary upmarket look and finish.
*Volakas Blus:* The fine quality, majestic looking marble is exclusively available at Bhandari Marbles. You can have it in slabs, tiles, or cut in any dimension you need.
*Makrana White:* *Our pride*- The Makrana white. It is rightly said that the purest and the most beautiful products can only be found where their roots lie. The same holds true for Makrana white because Rajasthan is where it belongs and our ancestors have been dealing in it since ages. The wonderful *Taj Mahal* testifies the timeless beauty and the fact that even after centuries, the shine and beauty of this marble doesn’t fade.
*Belgium White:* This “Engineered Stone” can be used without problems in virtually any environment and under the most diverse conditions. It can also be combined perfectly with other materials, such as stainless steel, stone, wood or glass.
*Linko White:* The world class product can be exclusively purchased in India from Bhandari Marbles.
*Black Marquina:* Imported Black Marquina is highly appreciated in the market for its black colour and supreme quality with reasonable prices. Black Marquina Marble is also known for its easy to clean nature. Besides, we assure our clients that a quality tested array is delivered from our end. We always offer best marble to our valuable customers.
*White Onyx:* If you want a gorgeous, classic and elegant finish, Onyx marble makes an excellent choice. Marble is extremely hard and more durable than tiles. Breaking, chipping and scratches are unlikely on a marble floor.
Experience #FinestAtBhandari.
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